sebastian | newborn

One of my awesome teacher friends had a baby recently and I had the chance to not only take some photos for her family, but to also cuddle a bit with all the baby goodness. And you can see how much love this little man has in his life with big brother and big sister nearby. :)

tricia_ebarvia_photography_seb1 tricia_ebarvia_photography_seb2 tricia_ebarvia_photography_seb3

tricia_ebarvia_photography_seb4 tricia_ebarvia_photography_seb5 tricia_ebarvia_photography_seb6 tricia_ebarvia_photography_seb7 tricia_ebarvia_photography_seb8 tricia_ebarvia_photography_seb9

tricia_ebarvia_photography_seb12 tricia_ebarvia_photography_seb11