365 | month-in-view

Completing a 365 project–one photo a day for one year–can be a daunting task. Staying motivated to shoot on some days when you’re lacking inspiration can be especially difficult.  To keep myself motivated, I created a template in LR so that at the end of each month, I can see the all my images together and share them online.  For example, here’s what my January and February look like so far. :)

month 01 january month 02 february

I’ve had a lot of requests for how I put these together, so I thought I’d go ahead and just share them here online! :)  Feel free to download the templates by clicking here. These templates are for use in the print module of Adobe Lightroom.  To install, go to the print module in LR. Find the “Template Browser” on the left and right click on “User Templates” and choose import.  Navigate to the where the templates were saved (make sure they were unzipped first).

There are three templates included in the download: one with the monthly title at the top, another with the monthly title at the bottom, and one that includes extra boxes for longer months like March. You can change the month (and font) by clicking on the identity plate under “Page” on the right.

To add your images to the template, simply drag and drop images from your film strip roll into the template. (To make this easier, I organize the images I know I want to use into a collection first.)

NOTE: When you drag your images into the boxes in the template, your image will automatically fill and center within the box.  Updated: To change the placement of the image within the box, hold down the Command button while you move it (on a Mac) or the Control button (on a PC). Thanks to Andrea of Maternal Focus photography for that tip! :)

These templates were created with the intention of sharing online. If you want to modify these for using in a book, you’ll have to play around with the sizing and picture quality options in the right-hand menu.

That’s it! Hope these templates help!

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